Abraham Lincoln & New York

Terrorist Conspiracy: Hotel Bombings

Terrorist Conspiracy: Hotel Bombings Confederate agents planned a desperate act of terrorism in New York City for Election Day, 1864. Fortunately, their plot was aborted by good Union intelligence and bad Confederate planning. The plot had been hatched by… Abraham Lincoln and New York >

Election Day, 1864

Election Day, 1864 “It is difficult now to recreate the scenes of that campaign. The people had been greatly disheartened,” wrote Republican politician Chauncey Depew who took an active role in rallying New York State Republican voters. “Every family was in…” Abraham Lincoln and New York >

Soldiers’ Votes

Soldiers’ Votes Republicans perceived early that the soldier vote could be critical to victory in 1864. They proposed legislation in the spring of 1863 to allow Union soldiers to cast their votes through a proxy. New York Democrats understandably opposed… Abraham Lincoln and New York >

August Conspiracy

August Conspiracy What transpired against Mr. Lincoln during August, however, was the product of months of irritation and conspiracy — among leading Republican editors and elected officials. “As early as the spring of 1863 Greeley and other malcontents…” Abraham Lincoln and New York >

Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention The Democrats, divided by issues of war and peace, sought a strong candidate backed by a unified party, wrote historian Ernest A. McKay. “They had serious issues to present to the electorate such as arbitrary arrests, individual liberty, and…” Abraham Lincoln and New York >

Republican National Convention

Republican National Convention Although New York Republicans pulled together to back President Lincoln’s renomination in the spring of 1864, the differences continued and evidenced themselves in an attempt to promote a New York War Democrat as a candidate for… Abraham Lincoln and New York >

New York Maneuvers

New York Maneuvers Historian William Frank Zornow wrote: “During March an appeal was prepared in New York and sent to the Union National Committee calling for the postponement of the convention until September 1. Greeley and Bryant were…” Abraham Lincoln and New York >

1864 Presidential Election

1864 Presidential Election Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase’s lieutenants, like John A. Stevens, Jr., were hard at work. But the same divisions among New York Republicans that afflicted President Lincoln also afflicted Chase. Historian Ernest A McKay wrote… Abraham Lincoln and New York >

Response to Riots

Response to Riots According to Seymour biographer Stewart Mitchell, the Tribune’s Greeley “played up the riots for all they were worth in the pages of the Tribune. He became so excited on the subject that his journalistic rivals…” Abraham Lincoln and New York >

Suppression of Riot on July 15-16

Suppression of Riot on July 15-16 Several prominent New Yorkers including George Templeton Strong telegraphed the President: “Our City having given her Militia at your call is at the mercy of a mob which assembled this morning to resist the Draft and are now spreading fire…” Abraham Lincoln and New York >