Abraham Lincoln & Freedom


Timeline March 1857: Supreme Courts issues Dred Scott Decision which declares unconstitutional the Missouri Compromise of 1820. December 4, 1860: Sen. John Crittenden (D-KY), proposes… Abraham Lincoln and Freedom

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Douglass was not a proponent of any compromise where slavery was concerned, but his interaction with Mr. Lincoln convinced him over time of the wisdom of the President’s deliberate movements toward emancipation… Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Salmon P. Chase

Salmon P. Chase Chase was as difficult as he was capable. Pennsylvania editor Alexander K. McClure wrote: “Salmon P. Chase was the most irritating fly in the Lincoln ointment from the inauguration of the new administration in 1861 until the…” Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Montgomery Blair

Montgomery Blair Postmaster General Montgomery Blair was the most conservative member of the Lincoln Cabinet on racial issues. Journalist Edward Dicey wrote for his English audience in 1861: “Beside the Abolitionists and the Democrats, there was…” Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Mr. Lincoln’s Contemporaries

Mr. Lincoln’s Contemporaries Mr. Lincoln not only had to manage the slavery issue, he had to manage a wide spectrum of opinion about the slavery issue among Union supporters. As President, he did not have a great deal of experience with… Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Entering Richmond

Entering Richmond On Monday, April 3, 1865, General Ulysses Grant invited President Lincoln to join him in Petersburg, the key Confederate city below Richmond whose liberation made continued Confederate control of the region… Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Speech at Columbus (con’t)

Speech at Columbus (con’t) “Compromise! What word of compromise was there about it? Why the public sense was then in favor of the abolition of the slave trade; but there was at the time a very great commercial interest involved in it and extensive capital in…” Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Speech at Columbus, Ohio, September 16, 1859

Speech at Columbus, Ohio, September 16, 1859 “I cannot fail to remember that I appear for the first time before an audience in this now great State–an audience that is accustomed to hear such speakers as Corwin, and Chase, and Wade, and many other renowned men; and remembering this…” Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >


1859-1860 During 1859, Mr. Lincoln made several campaign speeches on the slavery theme in Illinois and nearby Midwestern states. For example, he addressed a group of Chicago Republicans in March 1859, concluding his… Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >

Hampton Roads Conference

Hampton Roads Conference The Hampton Roads meeting set up one of the few moments of obvious friction between President Lincoln and General Grant. Grant wrote in his memoirs: “On the last of January, 1865, peace commissioners from the so-called…” Abraham Lincoln and Freedom >